Can you text/call up a girl to hang out after several months of not talking?

This is what happened to my friend. There's a girl he didn't talk to a whole lot, they kind of talked a little bit. And then they didn't talk/see each other around for months. He randomly hit her up to hang out. Next thing he knows, they're making out.

When this happened, I kind of realized something: there's no point in pining over someone or over-investing from the start. If something like this can happen, it kind of shows that "making stuff happen" is more important than any emotional/mental investment made before "stuff happens".

So do you think sparks can happen even if you don't think about each other that much or was this just a fluke?


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  • This is super confusing. You have two different questions.

    Yes, you can call/text a girl to hang out after not talking for months. There's no telling what her answer might be after being somewhat ignored for months.

    Certain people just have great chemistry. You can know a girl for years and never truly "know" her. Then you can meet a girl on a vacation and feel as though you've known her your whole life. Chemistry between two people will always be a mystery. I do think that kind of thing happens a lot.


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