How to tell if a guy knows you like him?

I have liked this guy since the second week of the school year but I don't talk to him because we don't have classes together. When I see him in the hallway he always looks at me from what my friends say and he does it even when he with his friends. Also when I see the people who hang around him they would look at me and have a look like they know something I don't know. so I was just wondering if he know I like him or something.


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  • Ok look check this out.

    If you like him, let him know you like him whether it be by voice or by letter.

    People make things much more complicated than they have to be. If its to hard for you to go up to him and say it, write him a letter and have a friend of yours go give it to him. Someone in high school did that to me and we were together for 2 years and that's all it took, for her to just simply tell me she liked me.

    • So if I tell him in a letter how should I start it off, because I don't want him 2 think I'm a stalker or something since we never talk or have any classes together.

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    • K thanks 4 ur help

    • Did you successfully end up with him?

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  • you should make small tlk ask him to hang out