If your best friend told you not to date someone you really liked, would you listen?

One of my best friends doesn't want me dating this guy I know because she thinks we won't last and also when we break up, it will be awkward for everyone. (He hangs in my circle of friends).

I really like him. He is so sweet and cute and makes me laugh 24/7. I told her I plan on dating him and she said "you are not the person I thought you were". What do you make of this?

Her exact reasons on why I shouldn't date him:

1. He's not motivated cause he doesn't go to college (he works full time and she doesn't go to college either)

2. He has a dirty mind (what guy doesn't and honestly I do too lol!)

3. He's an atheist (ok kinda biggie there because I love God but I am not going to shun him for that)

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She also said "he was my friend to begin with" and I know she might be jealous but she did tell me she won't date him because of the above 3 reasons.

Btw, on number 1: he told me he wants to go to school and asked me for help on applications.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I wouldn't listen but I would probably wind up regretting it...i think that if he's a type of guy you would want a fmily with go for it if you just simply like him thenlisten to your friend losing a friend because of a casual relationship is not worth it at all.Ive made that mistake before and I learned not to do ot again


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What Guys Said 2

  • 1) Not going to college doesn't mean he's not motivated. It could mean he realizes it's becoming less of a value to do.

    2) Some guys don't ONLY think dirty minded things :| and there's nothing wrong with being perverted/fun with someone you like.

    3) Why would that matter? Especially if he's a true atheist as in he LACKS a belief. As in he doesn't believe in God nor does he believe there is no God. He just doesn't have a belief and likely doesn't focus on such things. Though if he truly doesn't care he'd be an Apathetic Atheist. Most who claim to be Atheist are really anti-theists and believe there is no God (something that is also scientifically unprovable just as much as trying to prove a God's existence).

  • She must be having feelings for the guy as well so she came up with lots of barriers/obstacles for you to give up on him.


What Girls Said 4

  • Only the third one bothers me. I have many friends who are not of my religion, but dating someone outside of my religion would bring many challenges. As long as he respects your desire to partake in religious practices and you respect his desire to abstain from them, maybe it could work out. If you're looking for a long term relationship, however, I'd listen to your friend. It's been shown that couples with two different religions rarely survive. Best of luck to you.

  • If she gave me some reasonable reasons, then yes. But in your situation I would at least try ;)

    • Ikr? Like if he was abusive or an addict or something. But he's not and I like him so much! Screw her cause I'm giving us a try :)

    • Good luck! :D

  • Don't listen to her. Do what you want.

  • she wants him for herself or maybe she's jealous of u...

    • If she wants him, then why did she tell me those are the reasons she doesn't want to date him? Also when we were all hanging at the mall, she kept pushing him to get this one girl's number be ause he said made the comment that the girl was kinda hot.

    • some people do that - I know from personal experience - this happened to me before

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