Have you tried online dating?

Has anyone ever met someone on this website?

Have you used a dating site?

Have you met them, and how did it turn out?


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  • Has anyone ever met someone on this website? No

    Have you used a dating site? Yes Match and eharmony. Match felt like an online bar, it seemed like most people were just interested in hooking up and the people that weren't were so cynical due to so many sex request that they were scared to talking to genuine peeps. Eharmony was good and hit or miss. I felt it was much better at defining chemistry and at least picking good potential mates whereas match just seemed like a crapshoot

    Have you met them, and how did it turn out? I met my current girlfriend on eharmony and we've been dating over 2 years. Love the crap out of her. Although there were a lot of weird, awkward, OK dates before meeting her


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  • 1)No, I'd be open to meeting some of the people here. Sadly being from Europe, it'd be fairly expensive to meet up with someone as most people I've met here that I wouldn't mind meeting up with are from the US.


    3)Mostly filled with lies as it was a free website, thus people there lied a lot and from what I could tell just wanted to get laid.


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  • I've never tried dating/meeting someone via this website and I think it would probably be a bad idea considering all the creepers who appear to frequent it.

    I've tried online dating using another site. I used OKcupid and it was actually a lot of fun! I rarely dealt with creepers and everyone I met seemed pretty genuine. The third guy I ended up meeting is now my boyfriend of a year and things are going so well. I would definitely say that if you have any interest in online dating you should give it a try. I've found that people who do it have a more specific idea of what they're looking for in a relation and, from what I've seen, they tend to be pretty up front about it. I think it's a great minimal-drama way to date.


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