When the lines of communication is still open

This guy I have been seeing told me that he felt things couldn't work for us because we want different things in the future, that if it was different, we would probably be together. I was sad by it but knew that he was right. We never said good bye though... we both couldn't do it. So the lines of communication is always left open between us and not sure why we can't close it.

Recently I text him and he responded quickly and seemed angry with me by what he was texting, not as if he didn't want texting but that his feelings possibly got hurt, by something he heard or rumors. He asked what I wanted, and made a comment about a guy that I had been seeing before him. When I started to tell him that the time apart has made be realize that I must move on and I how I felt about him and our time together. He never responded after that ignored or shut off his phone for the rest of the evening.

Next early morning he texts me back. Just a few 2 word comments...not answering a question that I felt was important. I told him I was busy the rest of the day but would love to talk to him later that evening. No text about us maybe talking later,he just text have a good day.

huh? why is he doing this?

any thoughts?


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  • He still has feelings for you, that's why he keeps on leaving the lines of communication open.

    • thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

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