She is dating my best friend. I seriously don't know what to do?

Theres this girl that I was into the past couple weeks. We were cool she definitely seemed into me. We got pretty flirty at a party. We talked quite a bit and I can make her laugh so easily. She was pretty happy when I texted her one night. We texted most of the night and she texted me backing saying "I can't sleep :/". She would give me compliments with people. Like oh he's such a good rapper, he tells great bedtime stories etc. I don't know but she seemed really into me. I didn't wait too long cause we only met maybe like a month and a half ago, but now she is dating my best friend.

Honestly I'm so confused, and really irritated,I just got over my last of of almost 2 years so I was just starting to feel better and stuff

can someone give me some advice?


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  • It must be that you acted too slow, so she went with your best friend who's a better and quicker man.

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