My boyfriend broke up with me a few days ago. Why is he not responding?

My boyfriend broke up with me a few days ago. He told me he loves me very much several times. He was very adamant that he wants me in his life still, and wants to be friends. I have some things over at his house, and I told him that when I know my schedule I'll text him my days off. I also said if it's inconvenient just leave it in a bag on your porch. He absolutely refused to do that, saying that he wants to see me in person. He wants to go out for drinks or a coffee with me and talk, and that he's not going to leave my stuff outside in a bag. He also said just to text him my days off and it will be on my terms that we meet. So I texted him yesterday morning that I have today and tomorrow off. That I would prefer we meet in the afternoon, but I'll leave the location up to him. I haven't heard back from him. All I want is to get my stuff back. I'm not acting needy or crazy. Is it possible that he misses me and doesn't want to see me now? Why would he not respond? Not even with a sorry I'm not available?


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  • If you guys just broke up, he may want some distance from you for a while.

    • All I'm asking is to get my stuff back. He doesn't have to see me, but he refuses to just leave my stuff on his porch so I can get it. AND he's the one that suggested we go out for drinks and stuff-a few different times too