I've never really dated!!

I'm 30 years old & have had 3 serious relationships since I was 16, the first lasted 4 years the second was 3.5 and the last one I had was nearly 6, I think the reason none of them worked was because I didn't shop around if you get me? They were all decent men but weren't for me. I have a child for the 1st one so I think because I was a young single mother I didn't get to date like most girls my age did at the time, now I'm 30 I don't want to settle I want to have fun I know I'm doing things backwards but can people help or relate to me here?


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  • I had 3 serious relationships too. First lasted about 3-4 years on and off, second one lasted less than a year and the third one ended about over half year ago after 7 years together. I'm 35 now and I feel like life is exciting - I'm hanging out with my various friends, I have a buddy I'm really close to (granted, if I have a boyfriend, I'm sure he wouldn't be OK with this because we see each other everyday) and I pretty much do anything I want. Of course I don't have a baby to consider so it's different. Just saying that I kind of relate a little to what you're going through. I do want to settle down eventually, should I meet someone who matches my preference but right now I feel like I am a late bloomer or something. At least you've got a child. That's certainly something I hope to have someday.