What is the appropriate age you would allow your daughter to go on a date by herself?

I'm asking this because every parent has a different point of view. Here, describe what your rules would be for your 1) son 2) daughter. I'm talking about dates of the opposite sex.


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  • I'm not a mother yet, but I'm really opinionated about dating rules for my future children.

    For my future son:

    •He can have a "girlfriend" in middle school. One he sits with at lunch and passes notes to. He can go to movies with his "girlfriend" but in a group.

    •He can go on one-on-one dates starting freshman year. I'll drive.

    •He can pick girls up at 16 and take them to movies/dinner but has a curfew.

    The same rules apply to my future daughter.. She can be picked up by a boy for a date when she turns 16 or sophomore year.

    I think letting your kids have more freedom to start off with is the best way to go. Then you can adjust rules and curfews to how your children have behaved. My mother screwed up by being strict and overprotective when I was in middle school. I'll never do that to my kids.


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  • I wouldn't age discriminate between my son and my daughter in terms of curfew...that's teaching sexism in my home!


    I would allow my child (regardless of daughter), to go on a date by themselves around age 13-14, depending on the child's maturity level (it varies from child to child).

  • 12 is about the right age as long as they're back by one AM.

  • Son- 14.

    Daughter- Never.

    • I really like this answer. I like all of them, but some I like more so than others.

    • Yeah she comes out of her cage to eat and go to school, then I put her back in it.

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  • When they can drive so 16 or 17

  • depends how smart she is...I will say high school age, so like 14-15... son is the same

    • Thanks for the input! :D