What's keeping us apart?

Used to date a guy called Dylan. Had misunderstanding. He went back to find solace in his ex. I (out of hurt) dated his best friend and hated every minute of it. Things didn't work between Dylan and his ex. Dylan tried to make an attempt at sorting things between me and him but I felt awful because I was dating his friend at the time. Dylan would get jealous when I was around his friend. He blows very hot and cold with me. He looks at me with big soft eyes at times and gives me hugs speaks to me with a soft voice and raised eyebrows and gives me advice. Other times he gets annoyed about our 'misunderstanding' and how I'd made him happy then kinda ruined it, he never really lets this go.

Basically I still like Dylan very much, it's beyond a joke how much I think about him.

I'm not sure of his feelings for me now as we never see each other around. He calls me 'bud' or 'mate' at times over text which are VERY distancing terms. Fair enough if he's trying to establish a friendship between us, but I still have an incline that he has feelings for me.

Should I sort out this misunderstanding?

In the end, we both hurt each other.


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  • Your "relationship" is unhealthy. Blow Dylan off and find a guy who really cares about you and wants to put you first..

    • I don't see how it was unhealthy, it was nice while it lasted.. :/

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    • Demand respect, and you'll always get it.

    • Really? I did demand it once off a boy who was rude to me in passing, I think I scared him more than anything! haha

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  • Just keep telling him how hurt you are that he went back to his old girlfriend and kicked you to the curb. Tell him you're having a hard time believing he actually loves you in light of that. What he did was enough to have made me have nothing more to do with him.

    • but I suggested he go back to her. I didn't want to be a homewrecker. He loved the girl for 2 whole years. He then broke up with her, and I wanted him to be sure this was the right thing to do. They barely even dated a week or 2. The worst part was on my behalf, I think seeing his friend has made him think I don't have any feelings left for him.

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    • I LOVE Florida. Been here 27 years and I'll never leave 'cept whrn I die

    • I've only ever been for 2 weeks. It was such an amazing place! And I liked all of the people I met there too :) and Disneyland! If I ever get rich I want to live there :)

  • Yes definitely if you don't sort of the misunderstanding you will regret it deeply especially if you loved/love that person I speak from personal experience and lack of better words. The guilt and regret will f*** you up from the inside out.

    • well I don't know if I love him, I only dated him for like a month. He was so respectful towards me though. I just miss him, I just don't know if he feels the same.

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