Guys, Kissing Question for You;)

Just curious, What exactly drives you crazy when you are kissing your girlfriend? I only have two little tricks: I run my fingers through his hair, and gently drag my fingertips across the inside of his shirt collar against his skin. What do you guys like? ha ha I may or may not be trying to find new things to do. Oh, and nothing sexual. I mean, he is allowed to grab my butt. That's it sexual-wise. I personally feel like I already allow him to go far enough. and I don't want to go far myself please. So, yeah. that's all!


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  • A girl who knows how to french kiss well, is always sexy.

    Take a break from kissing every now and then to whisper stuff in his ear. Then bite or nibble on his earlobe.


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  • Touch as down there to keep things more interesting and arousing.

  • ok no sexual... jst get wild w your tounge

    IN HIS MOUTH""""

    like be agressive in his mouth w it

  • When we're kissing me and then it transitions to a BJ. And then gets me rock hard and I bang the living sh*t out of her in doggy. That really gets me turned on.

    • oookay, didn't see your age there. Cancel that. Cover your eyes!

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