Dated a girl for a month and a half, only to be told she wasn't ready

I started dating a girl who, from vague cues, had experienced a bad break-up months before. Although she did not openly admit that she didn't want a relationship, she definitely implied it. We continued to date and before we knew it, we were a couple. After 2 months, we were doing great.

I had to leave town for a week, and during this trip, she became more and more distant as the week progressed. By the end of the week, she wasn't contacting me and barely returning my texts/phone calls. Once I was back, this "distancing" did not subside. I confronted her a few times, but received vague and unhelpful answers. Finally, fed up with her constant excuses and sudden change, I asked her to be honest and mature about the situation. She finally admitted that while she didn't want to lose me, she was not ready for a new relationship after her last. While I was gone, she had time to consider her feelings and this is how she felt. Two days had gone by without contact and I met up with her in person one last time and her views have stayed the same.

Should I just move on and just admit that she's just not that into me, or should I wait and see if she comes around? I find it a bit strange that she would change her mind so quickly. Why would she suddenly care about the bad break-up, when its been there for the full 2 months! Any opinions welcome.


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  • Good things come to those who wait.


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