She's cold on the first date?

So I ask this girl out on a date and she says yes with little hesitation. I see her not very often, a few times a month, so we're not really even friends. I asked her over the phone and was brief and concise, and the day of she texted me before hand asking if we're still on, to which I replied yes. However, she arrives to the date and immediately displays cold body language (no eye contact, body/shoulders angled away), etc. Her body says she's completely uninterested, but then why agree to go on a date and act as if you were looking forward to it?

I arrived about 5 minutes early to scope the place out and find a nice place to sit (it was a coffee shop), stood when she walked in, greeted her, etc. I don't think I did anything within the first 30 seconds to warrant an instant hot-to-cold reaction.

After the date, when I saw her again in class, she was somewhat distant and much less willing to talk to me (short, 1-word answers, no eye contact/didn't look at me, etc.) The date didn't tank, it was ~40 minutes and we just left saying we had work to do, and it was like noon-time, so it was very casual.


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  • she could be really nervous and not sure on how to act on the date. have you guys hanged out before you asked her out on a date? if she did, did she act the same way?

    • We've had a few conversations but we never really hung out.

    • oh OK, it seems like she isn't sure on how to act around you and maybe figuring a way on how to do that. maybe when your in class, sit by her and ask her on what the teacher said as an excuse. see if that works and see where it goes from there

  • maybe she was really in a serious mood about the date or really nervous and or shy?


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