Asking a guy out.... HELP!

So, I am completely clueless. I know what to do in theory, and I can always give someone else advice about this kind of stuff, but when it comes to myself... heh heh... Not so much. I've never actually been on a date in my life. Ever. Nor have I been asked. So, with that background out of the way, I like this guy at my college, and he's pretty shy around girls. He's an outgoing person most of the time, but he kinda gets nervous and dorky around me. (He's a dork anyway, but this is unintentional dorkiness. Haha.) So, I want to get to know him better and hopefully get him to relax some. A couple of my classmates (a good friend and her boyfriend) are trying to help me out and give advice. They are even inviting me on a double date with them, but I don't think I'm ready for an actual "date" yet. We're thinking of making it a "group thing" and going for tea and a movie downtown. (The tea is from this awesome shop that I told my crush about. He seemed interested in trying the bubble tea there, but had never gone, so I think that's the perfect place to go on a "date.") and the movies are just $2 because they aren't new releases generally, so it's not like an expensive date to the movies. The problem is, I don't know how to bring it up! We don't know each other all that well, so I want it to be really casual and not obvious that I like him. He might like me (he tried to buy me lunch the other day, so it's very likely), but I have no idea how much, so I think being too obvious would scare him off (especially since he's so nervous around girls.) How do I do this?!


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  • Well, there isn't really a way you can casually ask him, especially since as you said you don't know him at all that well.

    If you are absolutely 100% don't want him to think your interested in him at the beginning you could ask your boyfriend's friend to ask him, that way it could just come across as a friends thing, that's much less obvious then you asking him.

    Although I think you should just be a bit brave and just go and ask him, just say you and some friends are going to this place and is he interested in coming? I always think just being honest is the best way to go about things, guys are not good at all about getting subtle messages.