If the person you are dating doesn't message you everyday even though you do, probably not that into you?

i mean doesn't matter how busy someone is its very simple to message hello, how are you...


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  • It must be that that guy doesn't have any credit in his phone left,

    or is just busy, or his phone is away from him.

    Some guys also start to lose interest in the girl.

    The best way is to talk it out gently with him personally.


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  • Probably not that into you.

    Now, I have a friend, who says she's going out with this guy, who doesn't talk to her every day.

    My mom lives with me here in Brazil. My lives dad on the other side of the world, working. He calls her EVERY - SINGLE - DAY!

    He calls her so much, my mom sometimes even gets annoyed about it! But I know, deep down, she likes it that he does. I can tell she loves him.

    I've liked a couple of girls in the past - I wouldn't just feel like talking to them everyday; I'd feel like talking to them ALL THE TIIIME! And I like a girl right now, and that's exactly what I do. We talk all the time. If a day goes by where we don't get to talk, I get upset.

    My best friend found a boyfriend, and he's just like me! He's always texting her and stuff. That's how I know he's a nice guy. That's why I'm happy my best friend found someone so nice for her.

    So yeah, after taking all of that in, I want you to decide for yourself, what you want. Do you want a guy who doesn't care about talking to you everyday? Or do you want someone who's crazy about you, like my dad is with my mom, and like how I am with the girl I currently like.

    Think about it. :p

    • well the thing is, I had guys that wanted to talk to me all the time, but I didn't like them so it didn't matter, this guy is shy and quiet and isn't much of a talker, but every time he says something is just amazing, like romantic like a fairy tale, that's why he got me, he says he only have eyes for me, can't wait to see me to hear me...but then he takes a while to message me its never straight away like he wants to think about what he is saying you know its different when you are married

  • No, it means the person is probably the guy in the relationship.

    So long as girls refuse to learn that basic lesson, they will always be made miserable by a guys communication style : Guys do not text at the same frequency as girls.

    Girls get a dopamine rush from texting, which is why they do it so damn often. Guys don't. So they don't do it as often.

    • well but if you don't see the person that day you should at least use some source of comunication...

    • Why?

      Don't you get it? Guys are more independent. We don't need to see/hear from her every day.

      Haven't you ever heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder?

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  • No,it could be they're BUSY. The guy I'm currently seeing only texts me once every few hours because he is THAT busy.

    At the beginning I ASSUMED he wasn't into me when he didn't text a whole day. Nope,just busy. I didn't ask him though like I normally do with guys(didn't want to come off as clingy).He eventually texted me the following day:-)

  • For me, it's not about quantity but quality. As long as we can get to talk at least once a day or once in two days, that would be good enough for me. I don't enjoy chatting, I prefer talking.

  • everyday is overkill. I would be annoyed and think he's needy...