How do I tell her I need her support?

My dog is being put down tomorrow morning. I told my friend about it a few days ago, and she told me to "text her after it happened" I texted her this morning saying that I'd really like to talk to her about how I feel later in the week. She is ignoring my message and now I don't just feel sad, I feel very alone. What can I say to her that lets her know I would greatly appreciate her support? Please help! She said she'd be there for me and so far isn't. I really need her support and advice right now. Suggestions on what I can say?


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  • It seems like she's not interested into being an emotional cushion.

    Perhaps, you have other friends to talk with.

    If you have a boyfriend, talk to him about it. He'll be more than willing to hear you out.

    • It worked out. She talked with me and we made the best out of a sad situation

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