Picking from three girls to date? :/

Freshman in college, on spring break this week.

Girl one: ex from high school. we broke up because she moved away, but now she's back in my area. honestly have no idea why she likes me. I barely know her. we were supposed to hang out yesterday but she cancelled on me for a reason she didn't tell me. but it's possible we could still hang out later this week. seems kind of emotionally unstable at times, so I don't know what's going on.

Girl two: met her at an off-campus party at college. seems really nice, intelligent, and cute. doesn't come across as having a lot of dating experience. took her back to my dorm room that night, played guitar/sang for her, and ended up making out. we hang out the next couple of days, but I was going to kiss her and got scared, and it was kind of awkward, so I'm giving her some space now.

Girl three: in my econ class. really smart. really hot, probably my number one choice, but I'm going to have a hard time making things happen. she's also a sophmore, and in class one of her girl friends sits on the other side of her so it's hard to flirt with her. I just mainly talk to her about class things before class, occasionally make her laugh. by complete chance, she saw me play guitar/sing at open mic night. she played guitar/sang two sets later. it was pretty badass. I had no idea she played. she did a weezer song and a beatles song. after class the next day I got her number. the next day I texted her (probably a little too early for her comfort). I said "hey. how's your day going?" and I didn't get an answer. it might have just come across as desperate, so I didn't talk to her before class the next day. I think that did me well, cause she ended up saying hi to me. I'm not texting her at all over break. I only have one idea as far as keeping her friend from cockblocking me on Tuesday when we have class. she always has her phone out, so I'm gonna text her and be like "this class is so boring :(" and then act completely casual after sending it, like nothing actually happened. I think that will convey my sense of humor, and make me look smooth as well. hopefully, she'll text me something back and I'll keep things funny. open mic is every Tuesday, so if things go well I'll ask her to come. after that then what? either I could play pool with her in that same building, or we could go back to my room and I could give her an intimate "guitar lesson" and hopefully end up kissing her. what is the best idea?


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  • Definitely go for the third one. Honestly, I hate when guys text me to say "hi" or "what's up." She may feel the same. I play guitar too so I love it when I can bond with a guy over that. It would be cuter if you wrote down on a piece of paper "This class is so boring" and show it to her rather just texting her if you go that route.

    Ask her if she's going to the next open mic night if she says yes or no ask her if she'd like to play guitar together to either practice or even better, ask her if she'd want to play a song together. I think that's the best way to get to know her without acting like you do already.

    I hope that helps :)

    • yeah, I was thinking about the whole note passing thing. should I do something similar to this? except instead of getting the number at the end ask her to come to open mic?


    • You could try to use that as an ice breaker. If you ask her through a note she might find it childish or that you lack confidence. At the end of class before she gets time to talk to anyone else, be really casual. If you can walk out of class with her alone even better.

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  • i agree with the girl below me. date them all. Its not like you have to be committed to any one of them.

    get to know all of them,

    eventually you will figure out which girl has the thing you are looking for and that will be the one you spend more time with and the other girls will just fall back naturally.

    Or maybe all of the girls end up being terrible, but at least you were not hooked on them and now you can find new girls.

    if you just pick only one now, say she turns out to be weird or not even really be into you. Now you have to go try to reconnect with the other girls. Or just find some new girls.

  • I agree with abluerwhite Go for the third one. Seems like you like her more than the others. You could ask if she will be attending the open mic and if so ask if you could possibly go together. She might be playing again and if so use that yo your advantage and ask her back to your room to show her something that you have been working on. who knows she might be able to teach you something as well as become a girl friend.

  • Pick the girl you are most drawn to. it shouldn't be any more complicated than that!

    • the third one. but she's the hardest to get... so I don't know what I'm gonna do

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    • yeah I'm definitely going to try to get her to be a major part of my life. it's just whether she feels pressured with her friend in her presence, idk...

    • It's awesome that you both play/ sing. That is definitely a way to start a conversation. Don't send her an sms asking a vague "how are you?" though. It seems impersonal. I'd also refrain from sending her smses about classes being boring. Better to contact her about something you know she's interested in, to start talking. What style of music does she play? Did she do covers or her own work? What bands does she like? Start there :) ...and pls sms her over break! :)

  • 1. Date them all. Why not?

    2. #1 seems casual, but you never know. You don't really know her, so save the judgements until you do.

    3. #2 You were unclear here...you made out with her, but then you were afraid to kiss her? That doesn't make any sense. But, a bird in the hand is better than one in the bush...

    4. #3 That's a long shot. You will, however, kick yourself if you don't go for it. But why ditch the other 2 While you are just hoping to go out with her?

    5. Date them all. Why not?


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  • Do you play guitar dude?

    • yeah I do as a matter of fact. so are you gonna answer the question lol

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