I really want a boyfriend, online dating?

I've always been very reserved and never made time for guys. But now since I'm finishing with school next week and starting to get my ducks in a row. All my friends have boyfriends I'm almost jealous of what they have. I want to have a family eventually and I think this would be a good time to start on it. I have an online dating account but I'm nervous to actually open up to someone on there. Anyone use online dating and it work out decent?


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  • Girls generally have a much easier time with online dating. I've seen girls get hundreds of messages every day. Just find a guy that you think you might like, start messaging back and forth, and if he seems cool then eventually one of you will give out a phone number. If you're nervous about meeting one-on-one then you could do something like this: find a public event that you are both interested in, have him go with his friends, you go with your friends, and the two of you find each other while still in the company of all your friends. You talk, you flirt, you feel a spark, and boom, before you know it you'll be the best of friends.


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