Secret date ideas? Trying to go out with boyfriend, but parent are strict

I have a boyfriend, but its complicated cause I'm not supposed to date til I' m out of college. My parents are super strict, and will hardly let me go anywhere on my own. No boys are allowed over my house, and I' not allowed over theirs, no matter how long I' ve know them. My parents will hardly let me go over a female friends house, and even then they stay. No sleepovers at all. The only thing I could think of is going over to the park near my house, and tell my mom that I'm out playing basketball. You guys have any ideas?


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  • And I thought my parents were strict! Well if you go to college, I would think you would have study sessions and other times where you need to be at school, use those times to go out!? Honestly though, unless they're funding your college and you're afraid of being cut off, I'd be honest with them and tell them you want to start dating. Your over 18, and it's only reasonable that you need to START to make your own decisions!

    Anyway, check out the Date Envy app once you do figure out how to get out on a date. It has a bunch of ideas, and you can filter them by cost, season, weather, activity level, etc.

    Oops, I just re-read your message and it says you're under 18, but the principle still applies. Try to convince them that while you're under the protection of their house, it would be a perfect time to make some of these decisions yourself!

    Good luck!



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