Has any body had any luck on these dating sites?

I thought I would give a shot at POF and Zoosk, but apparently hardly one out of 10 people reply to a proper intro message, if everyone is there to mingle, how come they don't even reply back ?

So has any one had any luck out there both guys and girls?


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  • You understand that the concept of a dating site is not geared towards the success of a men at all, right?

    You'd have better odds in a grocery store or something.

    The men are on the dating site so that the women can pick and choose through as many suitors as possible and have her pick of the bunch of men who joined hoping to find a decent girl.

    The women on dating sites are far from decent. Yet, they expect a man well beyond their ability to acquire under normal circumstances. But because a dating site is not "normal" circumstances, they have no need to respond to anyone until said gentleman comes along. He, of course, will likely take her after lowering his standards significantly, having been on a dating site for far too long with no reasonable results.

    It's like fishing in a stocked pond.

    Even if you're a master fisherman, you won't catch anything worth telling anyone about.

    And you have tens of thousands of fisherman fishing the same pond of 40 or so fish.


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  • I know what you mean about the messages. I have been on dating sites a couple of times and the last time I was on I actually took the effort to write long messages. A lot of the time I received no reply.

    I have a theory that some people make profiles as either jokes or are dared to, or are even just curious but believe that every person on the dating site is a scammer or a creeper.

    It's hard to weed out the good ones from the bad sometimes, but I would use online dating in conjunction with meeting people in person. At least you are getting the most exposure possible.

    Only message people who actually look like they took time on their profile. That way you know who is serious and who is not.

  • Try Okcupid. Free and pretty good when it comes to matches and responses


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  • Despite the facade that dating sites are for socializing and meeting the opposite gender, most people there are insecure and shallow. Most girls won't respond back to you unless they find you attractive AND interesting.

    • I feel you are right... despite I have written like proper proses to many, all I have got back is a single liner, mostly dead ended replies.

    • See what I mean? :p