Texting the girl I like ...?

She uses a somewhat ridiculous amount of winkey emoticons ( ;) ).

She used to randomly Facebook message me "I miss you so much". One night, when she was out partying with some of her friends, she sent me a message saying she missed me so much and can't wait to see me this summer. Before you guys jump to conclusions there are many reasons why we use the Facebook way of communicating. I'm on a gap year, currently in San Francisco, leaving for Chile on Friday and I can't call her, clearly because it would cost us both a hell load.

In addition to the winkey smilies, she uses quite a lot of hearts. Now she does use hearts when she talks to her female friends but none to her male friends.

She's hinted a lot, even come straight out, telling me she likes me and wants to do things with me ;) but I really wana know if it's sincere, because I'm starting to build strong emotions for her.

I asked her if I could come visit her in Paris (where she lives) when I head back on the 21 June. She has exams up until the 30th so I'll probably see her for a couple of days right at the beginning of July. She told me she would love to see me.

I'll be seeing her for a month or so in the summer holidays. And we intend to spend a load of time together. I've got my driving licence and a car, so we'll be moving around a lot.

What do you guys think? is she truly worth being with? IMO I think so ...


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  • It seems to me a though she may like you :). If she flat out told you she liked you then why didn't you pursue it? You should definitely pursue her and ask her more about her emotions towards you. Hope things work out. :)


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  • Don't get your hopes up too much. You know, she is having a goopd time in Paris, it's a romantic place, the guys are very fast..be prepared to find out she's taken, winkey and hearts or not!

    Be ready to be told it's 'only as a friend.'