Have you ever had to sneak around with a person you are seeing/dating? LOL

How did it go? How long did it last? Was it fun/thrilling,or did it get old? Did you ever get caught? Who's idea was it?

Right now I'm seeing a guy and we have a mutual friend which is how we met. We don't want her knowing just yet as she will make a big deal out of it. However,he did tell me recently that he thinks he'll just ask her for my number. LOL!

Stories anyone?


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    The last girl I was with was my friend's ex-girlfriend. She was still living with him even though they were broken up, and they only lived 2 houses over from me. So, whenever we were out in the neighborhood, we had to constantly keep looking over our shoulders. He never saw us together, and I'm pretty sure he never knew about me and her.


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