She said she's a mess from a recent break-up, but she'd still go out with me?

So, there is this girl I think is really cute (really tiny, bangs, boho chic). We used to work together years ago @ A&F. Anyway, I hadn't seen her in a while and I ran into her randomly,and she'd gotten even hotter. I always kinda had a thing for her but the timing never worked out. A&F has a strict no-dating policy for managers (I was kind of her boss, but we were really close in age). Anyway, I got her number and we texted. Later I asked her if she wanted to go out. Really that's an understatement. For one time only I decided to attempt to be charming and I kinda wrote this kinda romantic letter to ber (she's such a romantic and loves stuff like that). She said she cried when she read it.

However basically said that she had an ugly break-up like 3 days before and was a mess (her words). She's possibly moving across the country in about a year or so. BUT, she'd still want to go out with me if I still wanted to. I didn't really give her an answer, and she brought it up again and asked if I still wanted to go out. WTF?

I basically felt like she was giving reasons why we shouldn't date. I was cool with it, but the fact that she still would be down to go out with me threw me a curve ball. I told her we could go out, but I haven't picked a date yet. I don't know if we should go out now. Especially if she really is emotionally a "mess", usually that's an excuse not to go out with someone. On top of that, she's been liking a bunch of my instagram posts. Not my paintings, just regular pics of me. But she kinda seemed interested. What do you guys think?


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  • Just go out with her, think of it as something fun and don't get into stuff like the ex for at least the first two dates. If she can't stop talking about him on the first date, then you know not to go out on a second date, right?

    It's not like you can't go back after a date, just try it and see if she's still fun to be around. And don't get insecure, just pick a date and don't hesitate, please.. otherwise she'll think you're not interested and will act all cold.

    • Thanx for the input. I think you're right.

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  • I think you should go out with her. I can understand your reservations for wanting to wait since she's unstable (for lack of a better word) emotionally, but give it a shot!

    • Thanx for the response. I think I will, but not really have any expectations. We won't call it a date, we can call it hanging out.

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