If relationship(dating) history is highly encouraged not to be mentioned on a date then why is it that

in the media celebrity dating history is encouraged to be put out there in the public? And the paparazzi put out their dating history even before they were famous. Like they dig deep all the way to high school wtf is the point of it? And wouldn't it cause drama if as a regular person someone did this to you? And you never considered them your boyfriend/girlfriend to begin with so its like drama causing


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  • Tabloid media is 100% about selling DRAMA, and where there isn't enough drama already, they are perfectly happy to exaggerate, speculate, investigate, or even straight out LIE to stir some up. Drama sells copy. Who really believes that aliens come down to impregnate Oprah? Yet millions of copies of National Enquirer and similar junk gets sold every week. Who cares who celebs are dating, yet People and US Weekly and all of these have huge readership.

    Why? Because people feed on drama, and women especially feed on RELATIONSHIP drama. It's the same reason why most "reality TV" shows exist: they manufacture drama, and tons of people (predominantly women) tune in to watch, making the advertising more valuable and thus making more money for the network.

    Part of that desire for drama is that people LOVE to see people they look up to (whether they admit to looking up to them or not) demonstrate their failings and weaknesses, so people revel in the dark details of these people's pasts. Most don't realize, or care, if it hurts the people in question. In fact, you'd be surprised at how entitled some people feel about celebrities' time and personal lives. It's pretty disturbing sometimes.


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  • Because the media knows it is good for drama and that some people like that kinda drama. We don't need drama in our own lives but it is always fun to see others'.


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  • Yes it does cause drama. That's why they do it. The media thrives on drama as MrOracle said.

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