What crosses a guy's mind when a girl says she thought about him?

Hey guys!

I have a somehow good guy friend don't know if he likes me or not but we don't talk that much but anwys.. We're having holidays so we aren't seeing each other, and today I thought about him so I texted him saying

"hope u're having a nice vacation, I was just thinking about you and thought I'd say hi"

He replied "hey, how cool" and told me what he was doing and asked how about me and so on..

Now my question is, what exactly does he think is cool? Oo.. That I'm so cool about it that I can actually just casually tell a guy I was thinking about him or exactly the fact that I was actually thinking about him is cool? And what would you guys think if a girl just casually texts you that she's thinking about u? Honestly I didn't even bother about that before I sent the text, I just thought about him and thought I'd tell him just that oO


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  • Oh god, can you over think this anymore? "Cool" is just an affirmation. If a girl I haven't had sex with send me this text, I'd think that she liked me. I mean, who sends those texts besudes people who are together? He may not have really understood why you were texting him, or how to respond in the moment. Or he could've been in the middle of something and just wanted to send a quick reply. If you like him, which it seems like you do, ask him out. What's the worse that can happen. Be a woman of action.


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  • When someone text me saying that there thinking of me it makes me smile. Sometimes it's hard to think of what to say back...For all guys its hard to let out intimate things... I generally just tell the girl that she is sweet.

  • Oh my god she thought about me. She must be in love with me!


    Meh, ok.


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