So it was my second time texting him first

So I've ben texting my crush first. I waited a week to text him again and when I texted him to ask him how he was doing he said " I think its sweet that you take tine to check in on me and blah blah blah" I mean I don't want rely on text, but should I keep doing texting him first or whatever, or next time should I wait for him to text any first? I don't want to be annoying.


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  • I think you're fine. As long as you aren't texting every single day, or like 10 times in a day I think you are good. You have the crush on him, so it's up to you to make it happen.


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  • well he's your crush so you are in the role of pursuer. If you wait for him to text you, you may never hear anything.

    Either continue to text him when you want or better yet communicate directly with him (either by phone call or in person). The problem with a text is you can't gauge his reaction. IF you talk to by phone or in person you can hear or see how he responds and get a better idea for what he feels

  • Talk to him in person next instead of texting. See how he is with you. If he's all smiles and happy to see you then it's a good sign. Try and flirt a bit in person and see what reaction you get

    • I should but I don't see him in person anymore

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    • I'll have to ask him. But that's why I text him, so I can build a friendship. I'm trying not to rush it,so idk:-/

    • That's a good way taking it slow. If he ever texts first it would be a good sign but if he doesn't then don't push it too much. Good luck :)

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