He quit sexting is he with someone else?

There is a guy that I have known a very long time, in the last couple of years we have seen each other we are a couple states away. We keep in touch by texting, both of us are very busy with work and life. We also have never made any attempt at stating we would be only with each other, with little time to visit and living so far away from each other, this would not be OK, unless we decided to make a commitment to each other, he and I are both adults, so expecting this type of a commitment is not realistic. However, I do feel if I lived were he is at, we would be a couple. So, he used to text me things like wanting a picture or saying I'm frisky. This was not all the time, but at lease once in a while. Now I get regular texts, happy birthday, responses to me sending happy ? For holidays. My concern lately is that I received a sorry I've been busy, which he probably is, but I can't help feeling like he might have met someone and could becoming serious with them, the downfalls of being long distance, since there is no sexting anymore? Could it be his way of hoping I take the hint? Prior to this text, he did respond immediately to any text I sent, honestly I do not fool around with anyone else only him, however he is a man also wondering if his guilt gets to him when he is with someone for a night?


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  • Personally I think texting all the time wouldn't keep someone connected. Do you talk on the phone at times? It's really hard to do long distance and texting wouldn't help the situation either. Be realistic he probably is dating but you can't be sure unless you ask.

    Best of luck!

  • sure, that can happen, where he's had a night with someone. I don't have much to offer, since I think it's a difficult thing, this called long distance friendship while. you should ask him, if he has dates.