Mutual Break, Then He Texts Something Weird After 5 Months of NC

I fooled around with a guy for about two or so months before we had a mutual break up. I initiated it but he was in the middle of a slow fade out. We had mutual friends so we decided to just be friends. A month after we broke up, he came to my house uninvited (though I invited our mutual friends, so no biggie.) A week after that he liked my instagram photo. Since then there has been no contact.

5 months later I received a text from him, saying something along the lines of:

"Hey, sorry, I just had to say this...but didn't you notice that we stopped talking once we realized we aren't going to make out with each other?" I laughed and told him I've been busy. He said it was his fault as much as mine and wanted to check to see if I was doing alright.

What has brought this on? I don't want more friends since I am swamped as it is, so I dropped some drama bombs on him to scare him off and it worked, he didn't reply. But why message me after 5 months? And what did his message mean/what is he trying to say?


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  • It's because he misses you, and really likes you.

    He wouldn't have sent that if he's just seeing you as a friend.


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  • Maybe you're thinking too much into it? He quite possibly was just wondering how you were because you popped up in his head, or something reminded him of you. I often find myself doing this with ex's that I'm still friends with. OR he's maybe trying to reconnect with you on a more personal level. If he messages you again, just be nice but if you're not interested don't be too nice! Nobody wants a stage 5 clinger...

    • No worries, the drama bomb was me mentioning that I have been busy since a close friend has been in ICU for a long while and asking him how he was. He didn't answer back and I don't plan on texting him again if he doesn't respond to that. A friend would take the bait and be sympathetic, someone who wants to get in my pants would run away...I want his intentions to be known.

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