Guys: Is this homo, or flirtatious?

A guy sends a text to a female friend of his girlfriend, while his girlfriend is at work. The text says that he is taking a candle lit bubble bath, and it's the middle of the day. And later he claims, "that was a mass text sent to like 10 people."

Is he trying to flirt, or does that sound more like he might me hiding his sexuality, or maybe he's just kinda feminine?


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  • I had a friend once that did stuff like that. He was just immature and trying to be funny. Also had it happen where another friends friend stole his phone, his Facebook, his email and sent out stuff like that as a prank. After a while we all figured out when it was the prankster and had to give him props when it was really good. He might have been trying to save face with the mass text excuse.


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  • He sent it to a woman, he's not gay. I think there;s something suspicious with the girl he sent it to.

    • why is he telling other girls this

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    • so now I'm wondering if he really did send it a bunch of people. That is what he told me when I said it made me uncomfortable.

    • I told her about it, and she obviously talked to him because next time I was alone in person with him, he told me that, the part about it being a "mass text"