Is dating outside your work better?

Let's forget about the obvious factors like if there's a breakup, things are messy and the potential for harassment. Instead, in purely romantic terms, is it better to date outside your work? Reasons I can think of: if you date someone in your work, you see them everyday all day. This causes fatigue and ruins the mystery rather than seeing someone who doesn't work in the same place. With someone outside of work, it creates more anticipation and excitement if you don't see them that often when you actually do see them.


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  • Hey, most people meet significant others through work.

    I think there's a certain thrill in braving the taboos about this, taking the risk of violating most company policy, and generally walking t etightrope, knowing the possible complications that you mentioned.

    I still wouldn't advise it, but gee, in terms of really knowing someone, who do most of us know better than the people we work with? At least when you date them you have a good idea what they are like.

    When you compare work dating with the oline dating that is so's hard to argue against the work dating, in spite of the drawbacks!


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  • yes... much better!


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  • The best advice my father ever gave me was: "Never dip your pen in company ink".