Well, do you think he likes me?

So there is this really awesome guy that I like. He probably wouldn't date me until I am super fit like he is and he said he won't even hang out with me until I get spunky and not so meek. I know that sounds shallow but he said he's doing it because he used to be just like me and that I have "potential", he said I can be a gold just like him if I wanted too. He's making me set goals for myself and really motivating me to do better, so I've gained feelings for him. I told him about this one guy I went on a date with, and a few other guys too but he just tells me to drop them and wait for a better guy. Like even if the guy is decent he'll say random stuff like he's not fit enough or he's too shy and under confident. He wants me to find a guy like him, could he like me and is just waiting until I fix these things about myself? Or is he just a really nice guy and helping me to improve myself?


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  • When guys do that, they really care for you and want what's best for you, because in the long run, they are looking for your happiness and that alone (his dream for you to be really happy with your partner), is just one thing that will always be cherished as you do what he says and then find out that he is right.

    • He started saying those things when we first met though, its not like we have been friends for years. We have only hung out 2 or 3 times since we have met. He can't cherish me is what I'm trying to say. haha

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    • They buy it for me, so its kind of hard to say no. :P

    • Hmmm... Just tell your roommate to stop buying junk food for you, and tell him to buy it for himself. If he say why, tell him your situation about you and this guy, OR you can make and allay which is believable.

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