What gives? We used to talk all night.

This guy used to text me every Friday night, but we hung out a few times, and he started texting me daily. When I turned down his invite to a party 3 weeks ago, we stopped texting for the most part. I sent him just, "Hi" tonight at 11 and he didn't respond, what gives?


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  • It must be that he has already fallen asleep, or he has given up on you since you didn't want to give in to his invitation, which he took as a sign that you're not interested in him.

    • He never falls asleep before 2 am, so what can I do to show him I'm interested without being creepy?

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    • We don't work together anymore though. I quit yesterday, and sent him a "last day" snapchat, and he was the only one of my Coworkers that didn't respond... How do I start talking to him again if he won't even text me back, we go to school together, but have none of the same classes...

    • If he really doesn't respond anymore, you better move on. You're wasting valuable time and something called "life".

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