Should I text him, or should I just let it slide?

Lately I've been played for a fool by someone I used to (and unfortunately still do) care deeply for. I've always believed he's a good guy because I've known him as a friend. But he's incredibly horrible boyfriend, tried to cheat on his gfs with me before, probably because of his own deep seated issues. I want to speak to him in person but he'd never meet with me if he knew why I wanted to talk.

I want to say to him that the worst part of being played isn't how I let it hurt me but how I was foolish and naive enough to believe he respected or cared about me.

I feel like I need to get it off my chest, to say something to him to make him realize how sh*tty he's been, but I dunno. Chances are he already knows he's a d***. I'm not looking for him to feel bad and to try to make it right by any means, I just want to get my point across. I feel like letting him get off scotch + conscience free with it would be just as bad as letting him do it to me again.

Should I text him? Should I give it a few days first? Or should I just stew in my own sad anger until I get over it?


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  • You're better off without him. Ignore him.

    Let it slide, and have a better guy for yourself.

  • He is a loser, and any time you spend worrying about him is time totally wasted.

    What is more interesting to me is that you must think very little of yourself, to be willing to be with him. You say you knew from the start that he was a cheater, because he was cheating on his girlfriend with you - and yet you still went and spent time with him?

    Why do you hate yourself that much?


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