Not sure what she meant by this text?

We haven't met but kept in contact, flirting, etc.

Said last Saturday that I'd phone her the next day (but she had worth 8pm to 7am so I avoided in case she was tired). I phoned Monday but got no answer, she sent a text saying "Out for tea sorry x".

I left it a few days and phoned on the Thursday and got no answer (turned out she was doing something with friends), but she sent a text the next day instead saying " "Sorry I know I've been ignorant lately. Loads going on, I hope you're okay x""

I replied "its alright hadn't noticed as been busy with uni work that I deleted, will speak to you at the weekend x". Could say I was playing games here.. but I didn't want to seem dependent on her as I have other stuff to be doing anyway. She replied "Yeah alright x"

She seemed a bit short in her reply but I suppose her saying sorry for being ignorant is a good sign as I assumed it was a hint to move on.. I just thought it was a bit odd so just wondering if you guys think I am over thinking it or there's some meaning? Also, what flirty text should I send her? Don't want her thinking I wasn't bothered when I replied like that to her text.


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  • She's not interested

    • What makes you say that?

    • The female population, including yours truly, talk a hell of a lot. In the context of crushes, here's the general rule: if we are stingy with words, that means we don't see you in that way. If we like you, we'll try to keep your attention for as long as possible.being physically present is easier cos you could at least hold hands, smile, kiss. having said that, if a girl is friends w a guy and can still talk a mile a minute- this can also mean youve been friend zoned =/

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