When your texting a girl...

Okay so I met a girl at my college and she gave me her number after a nice chat. I waited two days then texted her saying her name and then telling her my name and we met a couple days ago. She hasen't gotten back to me yet and this happened more than once so I'm wondering if I'm waiting either too long or not enough time to text her. Or maybe it was what I said when I texted her. Any opinions?


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  • Waited to long. Next day next time.

    • that really works? most people say to avoid that

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    • Agreed. Text her next day, and don't just say "we met a couple days ago, what's up?" try to make reference in the text to something you talked about. For example, if you talked about a certain song, say something like "I can't get that song out of my head"

    • Yes the dub guy knows lol

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  • It must be that she cannot find her phone, her phone's battery is down, or she's just busy and have forgotten to reply.

    • Nah she replied she just has a crappy phone network