Political views of someone you're dating?

How important is politics to you?

What are your views and affiliations?

Would you want to have political discussions with your partner (or future partner)?

How much difference politically will you tolerate from a partner?

  • I expect that they see eye-to-eye with me politically
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  • Some disagreement is reasonable, but overall I want them to be on a similar page
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  • I don't care if their political views are much different than mine (as long as they're not 100% opposite)
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  • I don't care about politics or my dates political views.
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Me personally. I'm an independent with some libertarian leanings. I'm socially liberal (totally against censorship) and fiscally conservative (though I do support programs that help low-income and poor). On foreign policy, I support having a strong military that's capable of intervening in any situation, but only intervenes when absolutely necessary.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I voted A, but it could be B as well. I don't want my household torn apart by politics. The men I am around are nearly all republicans as I live in an upper middle class area dominated by whites. That, of course, is stereotyping, but based on how the political parties usually divide up, older, wealthy, white males usually side with republicans.

    I am also a republican and so I think I'd rather marry a republican. There are many core issues the parties seem to differ on, and I'd just rather have the same views on those core issues as my partner.

    • its easy for people in political parties. half of the men in the country are conservative. and liberal people can date the other half that is democrat. when you are an indepedent, its tougher because republicans think I'm a socialist and democrats think I'm too conservative

    • Haha :) I don't know that I know all that much about independents but I can see where that'd be difficult.

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What Girls Said 2

  • It's funny, as a Poli-Sci major, I used to think politics mattered a great deal to me. How could I possibly date a lunatic who believes the world should operate the opposite way that I do? However, I am currently in love with a Libertarian, and I am very Liberal. I think the important thing is we agree on most key social issues, which matter more to me, while we have very diverse opinions on economics, an area I am more moderate about. Thus, while we have many political discussions, we try our best not to step on each others' toes. And even when our opinions clash, we both find it stimulating to see things from the other perspective -- though we never change our minds about our own.

    The only time when there's a little bit of tension is during elections, when I give him sh*t for voting Republican and he calls me a f***in' hippie for voting Democrat.

    • yeah. you're liberal. but its not like you are a diehard socialist or a communist, so it's workable.

    • Actually, I was raised Communist. I've actually mellowed out quite a bit growing up; most dramatically regarding my view of the state. However, I do support universal healthcare and many of Obama's politics, which he is very much against. We've had fun conversations about that. :P

  • As long as he doesn't hate Obama I'm fine.

    • What if he doesn't hate Obama, but he's not impressed either and a little disappointment. He still sees Obama as better than the Republicans though, but he's not enthusiastic about him. Would you be okay with that?

    • That's fine. I just hate Obama bashers with a fiery passion lol like get over it.

What Guys Said 4

  • Some disagreements are fine, as long as it's things that neither of us are too heated about, but if we don't see eye to eye (or at least we aren't polar opposites, I mean, one might be WAY for one cause while the other is just apathetic about it) on key issues then there's very likely no way it'd work in the long run.

  • None of my ex's had any real political views of substance as far as I'm aware. This might be an age thing though. I'm not bothered by it but feel I would be if I was looking for a life partner. As I'm currently not looking for that I went with D.

  • As long as they aren't forcing their political beliefs down my throat, it's fine by me. The problem is that a lot of people are stuck in their ways now and refuse to listen to anyone else. They are so quick to call someone stupid for believing differently than them and discredit anything the other person has to say.

    I'd prefer someone more independent than anything, but I could put up others as long as it isn't to the extreme because of the reasons above.

  • As long as they have an understanding of politics and know why they believe in their own ideals, I'm fine. So many times (such as here) you see people with no life experience or education and are so die hard in their views. I can agree to disagree and try to see things from all angles, but there is no winning with liberals ever since they're ALWAYS right.

    • LOL @ down votes.

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