Is she trying to hint at something?

She seems interested in me and we've been flirting, texting, calling.

I phoned her one day but she was out with friends and replied saying "Out for tea sorry x"

I left it for 3 days and called without knowing she was out then too, but no text reply. However, she sent a text the next day instead saying " "Sorry I know I've been ignorant lately. Loads going on, I hope you're okay x""

I replied "its alright hadn't noticed as been busy with uni work that I deleted, will speak to you at the weekend x". Could say I was playing games here.. but I didn't want to seem dependent on her as I have other stuff to be doing anyway. She replied "Yeah alright x"

Was she hinting at something? Don't want to find I am leading myself on.


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  • She's not hinting something. She just want to talk to you.

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