How can I start "talking" to this guy? (acquaintance)

I'm 21 and in college. I'm a pretty outgoing person but I need help with a certain situation. I met at A at the beginning of the year as he is my college neighbor. I was NOT interested in A at all at the time. I thought he was cute, and that was that. I would run into him at the bar and say my hellos and then do my own thing. He even came to one of our house parties and started talking to me, but I was too tired to entertain him so I introduced him to someone else and left.

Last month, my date for a date party formal had to work last minute so I was in need of a date pronto. My roommate suggested A (she knows him better than I do, though I wouldn't consider them good friends, either). I had no other option so I said yes and ended up having a great time--except for the fact that I blacked out for a lot of it... However, we kissed A LOT and made out A LOT, and all of my friends said we were very into each other. From what I can remember, he was a great date super nice...(though probably I was not the best conversation holder). He invited me back to "hang out" but I declined, but he didn't seem sleazy about it. we said our good nights and went home. Ran into him the next day while he was working at the caf and he was very nice, we talked a little about the night and then I had to go because I didn't want to hold him up.

Here's my dilemma. I am interested in him. This doesn't mean I like him, but I DO want to get to know him more. Unfortunately, we were just on Spring Break so I did not have the ability to see him a lot (SB was a week after the date event)...but that's just it. I rarely ever see him during the week, anyways. I'd occasionally see him at the bar during the year but nothing more. I want to get to know him/hang out with him but I don't want to be weird since I only ever really talked to him after taking him on that event. I'm afraid to text him because I don't want it to be weird...

Just need your advice on how to deal with this! For some reason I'm really shy, and I think it's because this guy is more confident and outgoing than I'm used to!


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  • Get his number and start talking to him.

    Try asking him out to hang out more with you.

    Also, if you don't have sort of connection, chat him up in FB. Have some good conversations, and schedule a "date" where you two will meet-up and have some good time together.


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