Am I being FLAKED? or what? (I'm picking her up)

I'm at work and this girl that I'm talking to seems to be interested. I've caught her a couple of times looking at me while she thought that I wasn't looking and she would come to my desk to make small talk. This happened again when I saw her the following week so I decided to ask her out that Friday. She said that " she didn't know what she had planned Friday". I managed to get her number anyways and told her that I would call her that Friday. On that Wednesday she text me and we both ended up texting each other from 9 to like 12am. She shows up at my job on Thursday but it was just " hi...and bye". That Friday I contacted her to set up plans and she says "Sorry. I thought you forgot or something, since I didn't hear from u". I rescheduled the date for Saturday or Monday she said it was cool so I chose Saturday the place and time (she agreed to that). That Saturday she text " Change of plans are you going to be free Monday for brunch?". I said sure ...I gave her the time and the place (she also agreed to that) and now we wait... (all of this happened in the same week)

help me out forum D: !

Question/Details: Do you really need to build a LOT of rapport (means getting to know a person) before a date? Because I was under the impression if you got to know them good enough ( I talked to her at work for about 20 minutes , and we spent almost 3 hours texting) that the rest should be saved for the date...Its not like this all happened within a month I should not have to text a girl everyday or every OTHER day if we planned for a date ...what's left for the date? lol


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  • She is interested in you but she has options. I don't think she is being a flake. At this point I'd watch to see it continues after, say, 3rd date.

    Don't over think it and go with the flow


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  • You're not being flaked. There's a clear interest in her part. Look forward to your date, and I wish you the best.

    • dude you guys are one aweseome community I posted this not to long ago and you all responded quick thank you and I'll do my best