Second date, and still no kiss? I don't know what to think!

I went on a second date with this guy last night. We had a wonderful time together. On the drive to the beach we enjoyed the music we both knew and liked and shared stories. We ate a little hole in the wall place by the beach, which was really awesome. And then spend a good hour and half walking down the beach together holding hands (the most physical contact we have ever had by the way). I definitely went into this date thinking he would finally kiss me. The date was just simply perfectly set up for a first kiss. And it didn't happen. He walked me to my door and there was this awkward moment where we hug and then with a wave he goes. I'm not used to not being made a move on, as awful as that sounds..I guess now I'm worried that he just doesn't find me attractive or wants to keep things as casual as possible because he doesn't want me to think he wants to be my boyfriend? But then why take me on this amazing date? Why ask me on second date to begin with? I know for a fact he's a confident guy, he's extremely good looking..So is it me? I'm afraid to ask or express how much I like him because I have received no indicator that he sees me as girlfriend material..

PS. I'm an old-fashion girl when it comes to making the first move on a guy. I simply do not and will not do that.


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  • You got it wrong. He sounds way into you. Fast guys lose stamina. He wants you not just now but tommorow. Keepers take time that's why the other guys are out the door. Good guys are rare now so women don't knowhow to deal. There used to sex now date later so to speak. He sounds smooth and he wants the long run.


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  • hes nervous just wait and show more interest he will do it eventually I'm sure he likes you don't be alarmed lol this sounds exactly like me it takes a lot of courage to make the first move make sure he knows your very interested in him

    P.S. holding hands probably means he's your boyfriend just sayin...

    • If sex doesn't always mean relationships for some people, then how the heck does holding hands make him her boyfriend?

    • well first of all friends with benefits don't date neither do one night stands and how often do you date someone twice and hold hands while walking down the beach and not refer to them as your boyfriend/girlfriend?

      id really like to know cause if so you might be the most romantic friend I've ever f***in seen

    • I see holding hands as a step toward a potential romance. That is, if the two aren't in an established relationship yet and nothing more. I've held hands on first dates before that's why I spoke up,

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