Canceled third date because she didn't feel well, no more sign from her


So I started to date this girl I met online. First we texted and I must say that she's not so much into using her phone. She is a very busy person, even busier then me. Sometimes she wouldn't answer me to a message before the evening or even the next morning.

So we me for the first time and it was great. We finished a bottle of wine in a nice place and got to know each other. She was first to start with physical contact, slight touch on my leg, arm or shoulder. After bringing her home we started to kiss and it got to a little wild kissing. I think we were both very happy with our first date.

During the week we texted each other a bit, nothing special. More like how was your day..

One week later we had our second date and we went to drink something again. I wasn't sure if I should kiss her hello, since we kissed under the influence of alcohol last time.But when I met her she went straight to my lips, so we kissed hello. This time the talking got more personal and we kissing become more sensual. It was kind of like the first date, just the continuation if it. I knew her better and we were more relaxed, but still not too relaxed.

At the end I again brought her home and we kissed goodbye.

2 days later she texted me a question to which I answered and also asked her a question. Well, she didn't answered. The next day I called her, once in the afternoon and once in the evening. She didn't pick up. The next day I texted her that I'd be glad if she called me so we could meet again, this time she called almost directly. She talked about her week how busy she was and how exhausted she comes home.

I was frankly pissed about this not answering behavior, I even wouldn't ignore people I don't like. Certainly not a date. I said nothing and wanted to ask her face2face why she didn't answer. We wanted to meet the next evening. The next day in the evening she texts me that she doesn't feel well and that she has to cancel. I texted her back and asked what she got, that I hope the gets better soon, and to get back to me when she does.

The weekend has passed and I didn't heard back from her. I don't feel like texting or calling her right now, because I think there should also come something from her side. It's mostly me who started calling or texting her, and she only replies late and now not at all. I think I can expect this, since this was no first date coffee date and second date pick-nick date, we found affection from the beginning.

I'm kind of confused because I really didn't expect this.

So I think this is where I'm on: I showed my interest, if she is interested she should text or call me. I think I've done enough and showed enough good will and interest. It seems to me, that she simply isn't so much into me and isn't able to say so, so she starts to ignore me.

I'm asking myself if I should give it another shot, to court more. I feel kind of stupid to court a women who I feel isn't into me. But on the dates I really couldn't tell



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  • I think you're right. You've contacted her enough, it's her turn now. If she replies to you and initiates something great, but if she doesn't, move on.


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