Can I make a hangout more "date-like" even if she's not expecting it?

A girl is coming to my city to play tennis with me. This is the first time we're hanging out, though I guess this is an activity, so not really hanging out.

I'm interested in her. I'm thinking that since she's never been to my city before that, maybe, after playing tennis, I could suggest that if she's not in a hurry, I could show her around. We could go to a local bar and then show her around a bit, maybe even show her my house. Maybe that will lead to watching a movie or something at my house.

What do you think? Would she be resistant to this? The key is that I'm going to let it slowly unfold rather than say it all at once.


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  • To make it more date-like start with small gestures. Run and open a door for her, buy her a drink(and insist on paying), if you two eat a meal together offer to share whatever you're having, if the weather seems too hot or two cold ask if she's okay. When you guys talk unfold your arms and lean toward her with your legs uncrossed and look into her eyes. And ask questions, most people love talking about themselves.

    It sounds weird but most women will remember the gestures better than the activities themselves.

    If she responds well then go through with the plan you set up for yourself, it sounds find just the way it is. As long as you don't push for anything she doesn't seem open to you should be fine.

    Some key signs of resistance include: Short monotone responses, an awkward "cringe" to her face when she smiles, forced interest, hesitance, an aversion to looking you in the eye(be careful with this one, she could just be shy), crossing her arms, turning away from you, or if she just flat out tells you she feels uncomfortable with where you're taking things. If you spot a number of these things, it's best to back off and just be friends.

    Good luck, and I wish you all the best :)

  • How do you know her? I would see how the chemistry is during the tennis match and if you feel good about it , ask her what she's doing later. Ask her if she'd like to grab a drink. It's more casual and she won't feel threatened. It's too much to invite her to your house if you're meeting for the first time.

    If you can answer mine I'd be greatful:) link

    • I worked with her for a month.

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