My female friend is acting crazy and is treating me like garbage lately. Was she even interested in me?

I met my female friend last year when I joined my new school. It was around September. We did not really talk that much until about beginning to mid November. One day my professor screamed at her and she cried, so I pacified her by text and she said that I was her good friend who always supports her. After that day we used to chat a lot on text message and on a few ocassions she even texted me first. She used to gossip about other guys. She used to say that she rejected other guys who asked her to be her girlfriend and without me even asking her that question and that I am her good friend that's why she is discussing all these feelings to me. Once when I had to spend time with some family members, she even invited me to see her dance performance and she did not take no for an answer so I had to go. Later, she once asked me why I am not talking to her that much when I was tired after a long journey and did not text her. The texting continued to go normal. Lately, she has been acting very strangely. She has not been replying to all my texts sometimes even NOT AT ALL! However she used to give a reasons such as that I forgot my phone without me asking her when I met her the next day at school. Recently her exam results came out and she cried. Her best friend and I supported her. After that this weekend I texted her and she replied saying she was sick. The next day I texted her even called her twice and she did not answer her phone. So please I need some advice, what is she thinking? Has she ever liked me?


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  • She really does like you a lot. Though, it's really bad if you over analyze texts. A lot of factors are involved as to why she can't reply.

    It would best if you can spend more time with her personally and have more time with each other, rather than having long text conversations.

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