Has anybody ever tried to date your college professor?

I have a complete crush on one of my professors. I'm 25 and he is late twenties to mid thirties. (Completely hot)

I won't try to make any moves just so I don't make anything weird. And possibly risk his job. But do like thinking about it. :)


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  • Oh I had a prof I had the hots for. We ALWAYS talked after class. He then told me like a week before the semester was out I should set up a meeting with him to discuss my plans for my future. I emailed him and he set it up an hour before the last class. I thought it was my in. I was running late and actually RAN (and I am far from a runner) to meet him. I get there, barge in on another meeting and am so out of breath I was leaning on my knees bent over trying to breathe. I didn't realize at the time but you could see completely down my shirt and all of my chest (DD's I might add) heaving as I really was about to die from lack of air. I finally sit down and he asks me why I was there. So I ask him why he asked me to make an apt. He said he thought I needed to talk since I was so talkative and it was a psych class. So we talked about the differing fields of pysch and I followed him to class. We did not talk after that one needless to say. It was rather embarrassing.

    • Dang, well I had to email this professor because I was about five minutes late to class on a day he moved it because the equipment was having problems. I thought he just canceled the class. Anyways, mid terms start next week, he told me he will be in his office on Tuesday, that I should set up a time to stop by if I have any questions.

      I told him I would like to stop in for major advising. :)

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  • It was tempting because she is a fox. However, I known that it was a small campus and small town. I do not want to be in this situation.

  • Test this theory for me. Try to imagine him without his suit on. Most professors wear suits for their job because it's professional looking...then tell me if you still find him half as attractive. I'm just curious


    • Yes.

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    • Just try it..also, you do know it's against policy to date your student, right?

    • Yes, that's why I won't try it. But I definitely want to.

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