Was I just being played or should I just keep waiting?

Okay, so to start things off, this guy is in the army so when I refer to going back to his, I'm referring to going back to barracks. Which is a 40 minute drive out of town.

Also his army friends have said to me that he is the 'good guy' and him himself has said that he never really just 'gets' with girls and he has never had a girlfriend.

I met this guy at a bar a couple of weeks ago (a Thursday) and we got chatting and ended up talking the entire night (until close) then he left his army friends to walk me home. Once home we chatted out on the street for a while hugging and kissing and him asking me back to his. I declined, saying I'd have to get to know him better.

The next day ( Friday ) we were texting all day and him asking me back to his again, me declining, again.

The next night (Saturday) we met up at the same bar we met at, both with our friends groups, but then ditching them to be by ourselves, again talking to each other all night till close. Then going our separate ways.

Throughout the next week we were constantly texting each other and then on the Saturday night when I was already 'out on the town' he drove out from barracks to come get me to watch Dear John, (fitting, seeing as he's in the army..) One thing lead to another and we started making out etc but I stopped him at sex, saying that I wanted my first time to be special, which he respected and we carried on with other things... The entire night was super cute! In the morning he drove me home just before I had work, him telling me to text him as we kissed each other goodbye and parted our ways. After work I text him and things were just as they were before I had gone back to his..

We didn't text each other for two days after that...But here's the thing... On the third day he had to leave for 4 weeks for an army exercise where he has no form of communication, so I kinda thought that he'd text me saying goodbyes and what not before he left.. But there was nothing at all..

So now I'm clueless.. Is he no longer interested because I didn't have sex with him? Or will I just have to wait and see what happens when he gets back? If it seems nothing further will happen, then I'm a free woman right? But if it seems like it might develop into something, then I don't want to hurt him buy 'meeting' another guy...

Thanks in advance to anyone who reads and answers this!


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  • it depends. only you know his sincerity, his tone of voice, his facial expressions, his body movement. from your time with him you shud get a general feel as to whether he was being genuine. mebe he didn't have time, mebe he did lose interest. you shud just keep your options open. your not in an exclusive relationship so you owe him nothing. if you do care about him, that doesn't mean you can't go on other dates...just don't sleep with other guys if your still interested in him. I doubt you would either way based on how you said you declined his invitations multiple times.


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  • It seems that he's just up for a hook up with you.

    You should move on.

  • He is probably in the same situation as you are. Confused as to what you really want from him. Do you like him, feel you know attracted to him that kind of thing. So he might not have text ed you for some silly believe. For example if it was me I would say perhaps she is not into me and she will not reply and than I would feel bad.

    So I think you should take a chance cause it looks like you are into each other otherwise you would not kiss and stuff.


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