Reconnecting with a girl I can't get off my mind?

Hey fellow,

I ll come straight to the point...I went to a corporate event and met a girl there. She was among the organizers of the event and the day I laid eyes upon her I was smitten. (she kinda liked me too, the way she looked at me and responded to my smiles)

First day I went to her, chatted for a while but didn't make any move. The second day I took her aside to get some privacy and asked for her number and she gave it to me. We started talking on texts, but she almost always responded late. To get even I replied late too whenever she used to text me back. Then one day I thought to stop texting her because I was getting fed up because things were going too slow. Two important things happened in out 10 day period of texting

1. I asked her to go out for a coffee and she said and I quote "sure we can go but maybe some other day :)"

2. Before we stopped talking she texted me about her personal problem, I gave her the best advice that I could.

Then things went from slow to super slow. Its been 2 months I haven't texted her but I can't get her off my minds...How should I reconnect?


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  • Simply ask her again to hang out with you and talk to her.

    Find time to meet up with her. That's the only way to reconnect.