I want to know if she still has same feelings for me?

I've known my crush since 2 1/2 years. Ever since the start we've been flirting, touching each others hair, giving each other messages and last year I laid my hair on her stomach, as she was standing up, and she ran her fingers through my hair. And from that moment forward I've been falling ever so deeply in love with her.

Nowadays we talk on Facebook since she lives in Paris and I'm on a World Tour and will be seeing her during the summer. We both have already come out and told each other that we do have feelings for one another. I told her that it wasn't necessary for us to give ourselves the boy/girlfriends titles but that I really like her, etc ... She told me she did too and was just to scared to tell me. However, one night when we were talking she told me she's "scared of falling in love with me because of the distance". I understood this because she's only just recently broken up with previous boyfriend and she needs time to get back into her comfort zone.

Anyway so lately I have been talking to her. It seems to me she's having a hard time in France (she's on holiday now). She told me yesterday about how her grand dad acts towards her grand ma and that it sickens her, that she doesn't know if she can trust men by having to put up with it on a day to day basis. She said she thinks she'll never be happy anymore.

I told her that in order to be happy and to enjoy life you need to find someone to share it with as well as getting a job that you like and pays well. She said she hoped I was right and said thank you a thousand times, that I was an angel. At the end of the text she wrote ":-* ... <3". Throughout this text she used 2 winks and another heart.

I'm really lost, I don't know if she has any feelings for me anymore. I keep dreaming and remembering the special times we had in France, when we kissed, when she laid her head on my chest, when we held hands, when we kept touching our legs together under the table at this party.

She's kind of a shy girl so she doesn't like eye contact. But I just can't stop looking at her, I'm utterly transfixed by her. I feel in love but I don't want to spill it out to her in fear of losing her.

What do I do? Does she like/love me?

I'm sorry for the long text.


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  • She definitely cares for you and is afraid of getting hurt. She wants you to make it clear that you like her and wouldn't do that, though she probably still has some trust issues so you just have to be patient with that and show her that you don't mind. Just be patient and be there when she needs you and things will fall into place eventually.

    • Well I've told her how I feel about her and that if she needs to take things slow then she can because it doesn't bother one bit. I'm sure in 3 months or so she should be better. I really am not like her ex, she's told me some stories about him and I'm nothing like that. Thanks for the info

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