Do you believe in meant to be and stuff like that?

Hi everyone. I just want to know your input in my situation. Do you believe in meant to be and stuff along those lines or do you think my situation was just a coincidence?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up a few months ago and we haven't spoken at all unless he hits me up at random eerie moments. One instance was when I was finally able to move on and ready to give a guy a chance, then all of a sudden I get a text message from my ex, apologizing to me. Then after that I never heard from him again for a couple more months until I had a weird dream. It was a dream about my deceased father giving me his approval of this mystery guy in my dream who looked like my ex boyfriend from an angle but was blurry. Anything with my dad in it, ALWAYS comes true (another story for later lol) In my dream, I didn't know the guys name so I texted him (I don't know how I had his number when I don't even know him but I just did) and asked for his name. Before I got a chance to read his answer, I woke up, then found a text message from my ex boyfriend. His name was smacked in the middle of the screen.

Now, after months of not hearing from him again and I'm once again ready to move on, I finally started to like a new guy, but he turned out to be an idiot, and I was crushed about it. The moment things ended with me and this new guy, I get a text message from my ex. I remember telling my friend imagined that he contacts me now that me and this new guy is over, and to my surprise, he did he hit me up trying to talk. He's always the one to hit me up at strange timings like these.

Am I just being crazy or is there something more to it?


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  • No I don't belive in ''meant to be''. ''soul mates''. or the most ignorant statement ever.'' If it was meant to be itill happen''. That saying is the most ignorant saying ever IMO. It promotes laziness, think of it this way, if both parties belive that ignorant saying, they will wait around and DO NOTHING, waiting for it to magically happen. You have to make it happen a giant penguin sliding down a rainbow with the sky raining skittles, isn't gonna make it happen because it was ''Meant to be''.

    • Btw.. your just being beyond crazy... no offense. Don't miss out on someone you might fit better with, because of a

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    • I tried that all, but he still crosses my mind a lot ugh...thanks for the advice though

    • Yeah I still think about that girl, but so much less, and is usually not the best memories. I just woke up one day, and something shifted I don't know its weird. hopefully you will forget him and move on, good luck I wish you the best.

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  • I don't believe in meant to be. We don't make miracles, we create them.

    Though, you should really try it again with your ex if you still want to be with him.


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  • You aren't crazy but you shouldn't read too much into it though.

    There are a lot of different factors here you could in consideration: for example, you own desires regarding your ex, your ex knowing what's going in your life because a friend told him...they are so many!

    The thing is you should try again with your ex if you want it regardless of all other things, just follow your heart and it would be the right decision. If it's to move on then just do what feels right.

    • Thanks for your input

  • No, I don't believe in "meant to be things", I'm not religious.

    And the anonymous guy is right. It promotes laziness, the idea that the universe or some entity will automatically "gift" you a partner without you having to put yourself out there and suffer heartbreak.

    I do believe in the laws of nature, and I use the word "laws" in a strictly scientific way, meaning there is no entity enforcing it. But meant to be? No.

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