Should I be worried?

I've been seeing this guy for about three weeks now. We had a great first date (and second and third, etc.) and just clicked from there on out. For the first two weeks, he was texting me a lot throughout the day and calling me every single night after work. He told me that I'm the first girl he has ever really liked for more than just physical reasons, that I'm the type of girl he can see himself marrying, and that there's no one else he is interested in. He even talked about us in the long term (and about how he wanted me to meet his family and go on all these adventures with him). He's busy with his job (as am I), but he said that he wanted to spend any free time he had with me. His best friend even took me aside last Thursday and told me that he has been saying so many great things about me.

But for the last few days, he has been really distant in terms of not texting me more than a couple lines, he hasn't been calling me after work, and he even blew me off after asking me to be his date to this party at a mutual friend's place on Saturday (he ended up staying in his hometown an extra night, but he didn't even bother to let me know). I asked him if we were still okay and to tell him to be honest with me if he didn't want to see me anymore. He said things are okay and he still wants to see each other. Yet, he's still being distant. He posted on a status message on FB talking about how he misses his hometown and everyone in it.

What could be going on with him? And what do I do about this? I really thought he was the first guy to ever treat me well. I really like him and don't want to end things at all, but if this continues, I could see it being a problem.


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  • Start distancing yourself from him.

    Let him work your relationship out.

    If he still doesn't budge, find a better guy for yourself. He's not worthy anymore.


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