I don't understand why I keep giving this guy chances

I met this guy online about four months ago, we hit it off right away and we went on a date and I thought it went great. Planned for a second, saw him the day of the date and was still good to go..a couple hours before I was going to meet him he texts and says "he forgot his friend was having a party, Sorry but I have to cancel". I tried texting him asking why he ignored me. So I wrote him off..couple weeks later he texts me saying he was sorry but he wasn't looking for a relationship, so I agreed to be friends..would ask him if he wanted to go for drinks and he would always have some excuse, but then would be like "I have the place to myself" aka wanted sex. Told him I am not looking for that, I want a relationship so we would stop talking. Then for about 4 Saturdays in a row he would text me after he would get home from the bar at 3 am on the dot, wanting me to come to his place and hook up..I would say no he'd get mad. Finally this past time he agreed to go for drinks, but just text him the next day to confirm..so I text him and he says "actually I am going to study today" "but I have the place to myself tmrw" and so I stupidly agree and say "sure but its my time of the month so we can't do anything" and he says 'that sucks" and now has ignored all my texts. This guy I know is a Douche with a capital D, but I don't know why I continue to let him into my life!

OH and he also sent my best friend a message saying she was cute.


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  • Online dating can be hard. I know sometimes I find myself giving people chances that I shouldn't because I am literally not having any luck.

    It's just nice to have someone around to hang out with, even if it doesn't materialize into anything. However, I wouldn't continue to give this guy chances, as he is being a big jerk to you.

    I would focus on finding friends or making plans with friends instead of pursuing this guy. He doesn't want to be friends, he just wants to have sex with you (and possibly your friend too).

    Keep yourself busy and find a better guy. This guy does not deserve your time.


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  • He's a liar, a drunk, nad only wants drunk sex, not even sober sex! So far he's got about six strikes against him.

    But you're still pitching to him!

    ARe you just soft-hearted, and sorry for him?

  • You deserve a better guy. Please stop giving him chances. You're just wasting your time for him.


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  • Sorry to be so frank, but you are a moron or desperate (or both).

    • This is judging by what you wrote.

    • I agree, I think I am a little desperate, I am tired of being single. So instead of being single and happy I am trying to make something work with some guy who is treating me like garbage. It was nice to hear it from someone else. Oddly enough lol

    • He not only is treating you like crap, he's trying to use you as a sex object and he obviously cares 0% of how you feel. You need to dump him for good. Delete all numbers, messages, etc and move on. If he contacts you, tell him once that its over and do not reply to any of his calls/messages again no matter what he says. That's what I would do.